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The members of the Randburg Racing Pigeon Club acknowledge the great achivements of the weekly winners.

Arnold wins his twenty second race from Beauford West

ZA 11 TRPF 23870 a blue bar cock finished 1st in the RRPC, 1st in the DIVISION 3 and 36th in the FEDERATION.

It would only be poetic justice if the MACHINE was responsible for the longest hardest race of the year. 23870/11 is bred off 24257/10, who is direct off the MACHINE and 14022, who are both double TRPF winners. 24257/10 was only one year old when he sired 23870/11. It has become blatantly obvious that the Morey’s of Kildoon Road are phenomenal over the short and middle distance, but over the ultra-long is where they are best. The Morey’s of Kildoon Road played a major role in winning both the longest races in the GPU for Russel van der Merwe ( the one being the only bird on the day ,and clocked in race time). The Morey’s of Kildoon Road also won three of the four longest races and was 2nd in the fourth in the RRPC. GOOD PIGEONS ,GOOD PIGEONS ,GOOD PIGEONS. Over the entire season the Morey’s of Kildoon Road won 22 races and had 13 seconds in the mighty RRPC.

What a great season Arnold, a worthy CLUB CHAMPION in 2013.

Charles wins his sixth race from Leeu Gamka

ZA 09 TRPF 934 a blue check hen finished 1st in the RRPC, 1st in the DIVISION 3 and 33rd in the FEDERATION.

Not many pigeon fanciers in the Randburg club, the TRPF or in the world have the capabilities of winning a race over 940km and 1070km. Sadly many have tried over the years and repeatedly failed. One pigeon fancier comes immediately to my mind that has and can win these races on a regular basis and that is the gentleman of RRPC and his son Wayne and Mitch Atmore. This fantastic long distance racing team of father and son have never been able to breed a Superstar Long Distance racing pigeon that could win both the Leeugamka and Matjiesfontein races. This almost insurmountable racing accomplishment was achieved by the 6 time Long Distance TRPF record holder Charles Kerekes. BC/H/TRPF/934/09 is a granddaughter of my Matjiesfontein Federation Winner on the night and she won Matjiesfontein in 2011, Second Fed vel: 967.295 and now she wins Leeugamka vel: 1592.965. BC/H/TRPF/934/09 is the niece of my double Matjiesfontein winner BB/H/19366/03. These magnificent performances will in all likelihood be in the annals of history as the powers that be in their so called wisdom decided to distance themselves from Matjiesfontein, one of the greatest races in the world which was comparable only to the most famous long distance race in the world, Barcelona.

Good pigeon Charles. This will be a record in perpetuity.

Arnold wins his twenty first win from Three Sisters 2

ZA 10 TRPF 11047 a blue check hen finished 1st in the RRPC, 1st in the DIVISION 3 and 2nd in the FEDERATION.

The Dam of 11047/10 is 10484/05 who was a Noupoort TRPF winner as well as finishing second twice from Winburg. The Sire 10484/05 an inbred Morey of Kildoon Road is a TRPF winner from Bloemfontein. It is therefore no wonder that 11047/10 would treat an overnight race of over 800 kms with consummate ease. The further the better and the harder the better. It came as no surprise when Russell van der Merwe phoned to thank me for the Morey’s of Kildoon Road as they had bred him the only bird home on the day in the GPU from Three Sisters as well as one of only three birds’ home from Beaufort West. As the saying goes only 3 things are needed in pigeon racing and that is good pigeons, good pigeons and good pigeons.

So Arnold it needs to be both long and hard. Good race.

Arnold wins his twentieth from Three Sisters 1

ZA 12 TRPF 23222 a blue check cock finished 1st in the RRPC, 5th in the DIVISION 3 and 25th in the FEDERATION.

Two years ago 1938/08 hit a wire and being a son of the MACHINE was retired to stock immediately. The first baby he bred was a TRPF Colesberg winner and typical of the pigeons of Morey of Kildoon Road the further and harder the race the more they excel. 1938/08 is the sire of 23222/12 who is only a yearling but with a heart of a lion and the MACHINE lineage flowing through his veins. The two hardest races of the year (earlier in the season) and now the two longest races have been added to the curriculum vitae of the long distance pigeons of Morey of Kildoon Road.

Well flown Arnold.